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Sponsorship Successes


Thanks to your donations, these pets received the extra special care they needed and deserved. Thanks a million!!! 


Other pets needing sponsorship can be seen here.


Landon (ADOPTED)


2009.06.05 - Landon is almost done with heartworm treatment. Then, he will be ready for a forever home!   


Our thanks to the family and friends of Walter C. Smith, Jr.

Magnolia (ADOPTED)


2009.06.05 - Magnolia continues to battle ear and skin issues and likely will for the rest of her life. Your donations have allowed us to give her the treatment she needs to be comfortable and pain-free.  


Our thanks to Bark To The Park patrons, Kay Williams, Amber Lipari, Timothy Simmons, Chase Dicus, Shannon Snipes, Erin M Murphy, Jane Boyter, Amanda Barrett, Amy M Keltner, William Carter, April Hurley, Mary Lou Seymour, Leslie Godfrey in loving memory of Lucy and Elka, Michelle Moore in loving memory of Peanut

Cassidy & Pups (ADOPTED)



2009.05.23 UPDATE - All of Cassidy's puppies have been adopted. Cassidy found her forever home a few months later and is dearly loved by her entire family. 


2008.12.30 - Cassidy was found barefoot and pregnant trying to fend for herself on the streets. A CARE Volunteer took her in and gave her some groceries and a warm place to sleep. On November 19th, 2008, Cassidy gave birth to six adorable puppies; 5 girls and 1 boy. Cassidy will be spayed once the puppies are weaned, so this will be her last litter. The puppies will all need to be spayed and neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped as well. Many (too many) puppies die from Parvo because they are not vaccinated. Parvo is everywhere, so it is essential that puppies be vaccinated against this devastating virus. Your donations made sure that these puppies received the care they needed to get a good start in life and remain healthy.












Huge thanks to 2nd Wind HVAC of Columbia, SC for sponsoring them all!

Petunia (ADOPTED)



2009.05.23 UPDATE - Petunia is now heartworm free and ADOPTED!


2008.12.30 - Petunia is an adorable little sweetheart. We pulled her from a kill shelter before her time was up. This little girl is truly a gem, and it would have been a shame for her young life to be taken. We simply could not let that happen. Like most dogs who have not been properly cared for in life, Petunia is heartworm positive. Heartworms are completely preventable with one little pill once a month. Yet, more than half of the dogs who come to CARE are heartworm positive. Fortunately, if the disease has not progressed too far, heartworms are treatable. It's painful, dangerous, and difficult for the dog but necessary to save their life. Untreated, heartworms are fatal. Thanks to your donations, Petunia is now heartworm free!


Our thanks to Owen Steel Co., Caroline S., and Linda R.


Donald the ferret

2009.01.24 - Sadly, Donald the ferret passed away this morning. Donald lived the last month of his life in a warm and loving home instead of a dirty cage. He will be missed. 


2008.12.30 - Donald the ferret was found by a kind lady at the flea market in a cage in horrible condition. He was a very sick little boy, and she could not afford the extensive medical treatment he would need. The Vet gave her our number, and we took Donald in. He is underweight, his hair is falling out, he has adrenal disease and ECE. He is being treated for the ECE, but he still needs surgery. He is too weak yet for the surgery, so we are working on building his strength and putting some weight on him. Donald deserves to live a happy comfortable life in a roomy ferret condo instead of dirty cage, and thanks to your donations he will get that life.    



Our thanks to Kay W., her co-workers & Virginia C.

Sweeney Todd (ADOPTED)

sweeney todd2008.11.26 - A couple asked us for help with Sweeney Todd after they found him stuck in their fence. He was trying to come over from his own yard and got himself into a pickle. The couple got Sweeney unstuck from the fence and took him back to his home. The owner said he was tired of him getting out all the time, and if he took Sweeney back it would be to dump him off at the pound! The couple who found Sweeney Todd did not want to see him put to sleep, so they asked us for help. Sweeney's teeth were in such bad shape from lack of proper care that most of them had to be removed. They were literally like ROCKS!!!




Our thanks to Shannon S.

Trixie (Adopted)



2009.05.23 UPDATE - Trixie is now heartworm free and ADOPTED!

2008.12.30 - Trixie is getting her heartworm treatment now and has an adoption pending once the treatment is complete.

2008.09.24 - Trixie was living with a family who did not care for her properly. She was fed some days, but not every day. She never saw a Vet, so she was unvaccinated, wormy, and infested with fleas and worms. Trixie gave birth to 2 litters of puppies, and they all died of Parvo because of being unvaccinated. Trixie is lucky to have survived. She has been living in a CAREing foster home for about a month now working on getting healthy for heartworm treatment. The fleas and intestinal worms are gone, and she has put on weight. Thanks to your donations, she will begin treatment soon for heartworms. Heartworms are 100% preventable with a single pill once per month, and they are deadly if not prevented or treated once caught. Trixie will get her chance at a happy, healthy life in a loving and caring home, thanks to you!



Our thanks to Forrest & Paulette B., Katherine D., Donna ., Marion P., Dottie D., April H., and the Godfrey family.




2008.09.30 - Laila had her surgery and is now waiting for her forever home.  


2008.09.23 - Laila showed up on the doorstep of a CARE Volunteer looking a mess. Her belly was distended with worms, and most of her teeth were missing. The worms were taken care of easily. Her teeth are a different story. Her mouth is infected and she is in danger of losing the few teeth she still has. Thanks to your donations, we have raised the funds to have dental surgery for her. The surgery is scheduled for 9/29/08. Please continue to send prayers and positive thoughts for Laila because we will not know the extent of her oral problems until the Vet gets in there. Dental problems are not merely cosmetic. If bad enough, they can even be deadly, so we thank you for your generous support for Laila. 




Our thanks to Katherine D., Godfrey family, and Kelly Whittington.



EllieEllie was found in the middle of a rural road on Valentine's Day 2008. She was just a baby. She was with her two littermates and an adult dog. Ellie's littermates were adopted quickly. Ellie was all set to be adopted, too. On the day of her adoption, Ellie's foster mom noticed something was wrong with Ellie's eye. Instead of going to her forever home, Ellie went to see the Vet. The Vet discovered that Ellie had a tumor growing in her sinus cavity that was pushing on her eye and teeth. It would require surgery. Ellie would not be adopted that day. Instead, she went back to her foster home, and CARE put out the word that funds were needed for Ellie's surgery.


You came through, and Ellie's tumor was removed successfully. Lab tests revealed that the tumor was benign - good news for Ellie. The doctor gave her an excellent prognosis for a healthy life! Ellie had to have one additional procedure to correct entropion of her eye which means the eyelid was rolling inward. The best news of all is that after the procedure, Ellie was adopted! She went to her forever home on August 30th. Thank you for making this all possible for Ellie. She is now one more dog who has a home and is loved and cared for.

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