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This form is for DOGS ONLY. If you would like to apply to adopt another species from CARE, please visit for current applications. If you prefer to print and complete the dog application, MS Word and PDF versions of the application can also be found at that link. 

Submitting an application does NOT obligate you to adopt any pet. It simply helps to expedite the adoption process, should you decide to adopt and are approved. Please read the Adoption Agreement prior to submitting an application to be sure you agree with the terms of adopting a pet from CARE. By submitting an application, you indicate that you will abide by the terms of the CARE Adoption Agreement if you decide to proceed and are approved to adopt a dog from CARE.

Adoption Agreement:


I understand that adopting a pet is a lifelong commitment and I am willing to take on this commitment for the pet I adopt from Cullen’s Archangel RescuE, Inc. (CARE). I understand that CARE and/or the veterinarians they use have taken care of everything they see medically necessary for this animal at this time. I understand that any medical condition(s) or medical treatment that may be deemed necessary for this pet at a future time will be my financial responsibility alone. I will not hold CARE or its veterinarians responsible for any medical issues that exist after the time of adoption, unless otherwise noted by CARE’s Board of Directors on the bottom of this form. I understand that I may, and am encouraged to, contact CARE should any medical issues arise for guidance and any assistance they may be willing to provide us. I understand that this does not obligate CARE to assist with any expenses incurred after adoption in any way. CARE will gladly provide phone and/or email support for the life of this pet post adoption.


I certify that all the information I have provided in this adoption application is accurate and true. I understand that if a reason ever arises that I can no longer keep this animal, I MUST return this animal to CARE only within one week (7 days) of written notification. CARE will immediately become the sole legal guardian/owner of the adopted pet after it receives written notification from the adopter that he or she can no longer keep this animal. I also understand that I am not allowed to adopt this animal from CARE and give it to anyone else as a gift or for any other reason.


I am aware I will need to pay an adoption fee via cash or check in the amount of $___________ for this pet after CARE’s Board of Directors has approved my adoption of this pet. I am aware that should I return this pet at a later date, my adoption fee may or may not be returned and that the decision is up to the President of CARE. I understand that CARE is a nonprofit organization with limited funds.


I promise to continue to keep up with routine veterinary exams and medical treatment as necessary. I agree to feed this animal 100% nutritionally complete food, provide an ample supply of fresh & clean water and appropriate shelter at all times throughout his/her life. I agree to keep this pet safely confined in my house and/or a proper species-specific habitat. I will not let this pet run loose outdoors at any time. I agree to provide regular and secure exercise through harness/leash-walking and/or in a completely enclosed and safe area. I will never confine this pet on a rope or chain intended as a tie-out and will never cage/crate this animal excessively (must be in accordance with the law). I agree not to breed this animal at any time. Most importantly, I agree to treat this animal as part of my family.


CARE makes no guarantee against accidents nor do we guarantee compatibility with your current pets.


Last, I certify that I am at least 18 years of age, a legal US citizen, and the person interested in adopting this pet. I agree to include a photocopy of my current driver’s license for verification purposes. I understand that this will be kept confidential and not given out to any other parties. If you falsify any information or neglect to inform us of any information that is pertinent in processing your application, your application will not be approved. If falsification is discovered after adoption, this pet will be removed from your possession immediately.


This agreement is binding upon all parties hereto, their heirs, successors and assigns, and shall be governed in accordance with the laws of the State of South Carolina. Any legal actions or disputes will be resolved in the County of Richland, State of South Carolina. This is the full and final agreement. There are no other agreements, oral or otherwise. Any subsequent agreements will be entered into in writing.


Pets receive all necessary veterinary care, depending upon age and other requirements, prior to adoption. This typically includes an exam, deworming(s), and/or other services required to treat an already existing illness/injury, and neutering the pet. If this pet has not completed vet care for any reason, I agree to also sign and fulfill CARE’s Medical Completion Contract and pay a refundable deposit.

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