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Adopting a Family Member

Our animals are looking for a Forever Family. When you adopt a pet, you save two lives - the life of the pet you adopt and the life of the next pet we can then take in from a kill shelter or the streets. If you are interested in adopting any of our pets in need, please return a completed adoption form (found below) to us. Adoption forms can be emailed or snail mailed. See below for addresses. We will review your application and get back with you promptly.

Completed applications are required to adopt a CARE pet.

Please complete the application in its entirety. Signatures are not required until the time of the adoption. Microsoft Word is required to fill out the application on your computer unless you have conversion software (go to for another option - it's safe and free).

Click on the image to save the file to your computer first, open it in Word or Open Office and complete everything but the contract portion, then email it as an attachment to Click on the RABBIT to download the multi-species adoption form (rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, reptiles). Thank you!

 Dog Cat Rabbit
Avian Application
Equine Application

Adoption Process 


All applicants are screened and approved based on the needs of the pet(s) and the applicant. We place pets in the home that is the best match for both pet and adopter. Our rescued pets have been failed at least once, and it is our goal to prevent them from being failed again. We also want the adopter to be happy with the pet they adopt!  


Basic Guidelines that must be met before submitting an application:

  • The person submitting the application must be the person who is actually adopting the pet, and the applicant must be 18 years or older.
  • The applicant must be willing to undergo reference checks and visit(s) to the home where the pet will reside. If needed during the adjustment period, a follow up home visit may be necessary.
  • All residents must be home for the initial home visit.
  • All current pets must be spayed/neutered and up to date on shots. All dogs must be on heartworm preventative.
  • A vet reference is required on all previous and current pets.
  • A fence yard is preferred for dog adopters; however this is not always a requirement. It depends on the pet's needs.
  • In most cases, invisible or "underground" fences will not be suitable or approved. Click here for an explanation on the reasons why
  • A proper dog crate is required for the adjustment period of 1-3 months. Crates must be present at the home visit and time of adoption. Adopters who refuse to crate during the adjustment period need not apply. Any adopter found not utilizing a crate during the adjustment period forfeits the adoption fee, should the adopter decide to return the pet. (proper adjustment guidelines help pets feel safe and secure - adopters who follow these guidelines have MUCH smoother transitions - adopters who don't often return the pet)
  • We DO adopt pets out of state IF they have been neutered (if applicable to the species) and received all required vetting. Local rescues assist with the home visits. Adopters are responsible for making travel arrangements, though we will do our best to help when possible. We do NOT ship pets. Please research the laws in your state regarding exotic animals as pets.

The application process includes:

  • Submitting an Application.
  • Applicants will receive a call or e-mail.
  • Reference checks.
  • A home visit by one of our rescue representatives...THIS IS A MUST!
  • If approved, an appointment is then made for the applicant to meet the pet(s).
  • Agree to and sign the Adoption Contract.
  • Submit the Adoption Fee. This money helps us with medical care, food and other upkeep costs.
  • Travel arrangements to meet pets and/or to pick up adopted pets are the responsibility of the adopter.


Not every application we receive is a match or approved. Applications are required prior to meeting the pet. We are all volunteers who have families (kids & pets), foster pets, and full time careers. Volunteering our time in CARE is overwhelming and we simply cannot afford to under utilize our time. Using the application to narrow down matches (family and pet) saves us and the potential adopter time. Thank you for your understanding.



You can return the application to us by

Once approved, we will set up a time for a home visit. Adoption fees are required and non-refundable. Adoption fees may vary according to the animal's breed, age, species, and/or the expenses involved. We do not sell animals. The fee you pay is for adoption expenses, not a "selling price". Typically the fee covers only a small portion of the vet exam, vaccines, heartworm test and/or FELV/FIV combo test, heartworm prevention, and spay or neuter.

If you cannot adopt an animal at this time, consider fostering one. It's one of the most rewarding things you will ever do.

Having trouble deciding? Each of our animals is special in their own way. Find the one that is best for you with the
advanced search feature. Have questions about a particular pet? Email or call the foster home listed at the top of that pet's profile page.                                                                                                                       

CARE does not have a physical shelter. We foster these animals in our private homes. We are usually unable to return calls during the week due to our full schedules with work, family and the animals we care for. Pets are shown by appointment after completed adoption forms are received and approved.

If you have specific questions about the pet you are interested in, please email the foster parent listed in that pet's profile. If you need to call, please tell us the latest we may call you back. Thank you.

P. O. Box 715 •  Lexington, SC 29071  •  (803) 622-9813 •  caretoadopt [ at ]