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Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pigs


A potbellied pig is a unique, fun, and affectionate pet. Is there room in your heart and home for one of these cool creatures? Read on to find out!



Potbellied Pigs are...



They like living with other pigs. Single pigs are much more likely to have behavior problems, including aggression towards humans, than pigs with at least one other piggy companion. When it comes to potbellied pigs, two heads are definitely better than one!


They also like living with humans. Potbellied pigs are highly affectionate and love getting attention from people. They will even cuddle with you. Because they are such social creatures, potbellied pigs do not do well when left alone for long periods of time.


Pigs and cats make excellent companions. Pigs and dogs may not. If the dog has a high prey drive, he may attack and kill the pig. Pigs and dogs should not be left alone together unsupervised.




They are one of the most intelligent animals. They can be easily trained to do tricks and to follow rules. They can even be walked with a harness and leash like a dog and litterbox trained like a cat! Careful, because they are also smart enough to train YOU instead.


Intelligent animals become bored when they are not given enough mental stimulation. The bored pig will be destructive to the home or yard when looking for something to do.



Untrue to the common stereotypes, potbellied pigs are very clean animals. They have virtually no odor. They will choose one area of their yard to use as their bathroom. They have bristly hair instead of fur, so potbellies can be a great pet for people with allergies to dogs and cats (though some are allergic to the pig, also).



Potbellied pigs need...



Lonely pigs do not make good pets. They may become aggressive and/or destructive.



The greatest health problem for potbellies is obesity. Daily exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy weight. It also keeps the pig stimulated and therefore less likely to become destructive out of boredom.



Good nutrition is also an important part of keeping a pig at a healthy weight.



Pet potbellies should be spayed or neutered. Unaltered, they may become unruly and/or aggressive. They also need period hoof and teeth trims. Not all Veterinarians take potbellies as patients, so research will be necessary to find one who does.

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