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Keiko is the first official CARE adoption of 2009!

Keiko's new mom had this to say.
I just wanted to let you know of the awesome adoption experience that we have had with Alicia DeBoe. She was attentive and compassionate throughout the entire process. My husband Clay and I love Keiko and he is already a part of our family. I have attached some pictures that we took today - the day of the "adoption finalization". We picked Keiko up in Columbia and were the most excited parents you have ever seen! He is fitting in perfectly and we are SO in love with him already!! We just cannot speak highly enough of Alicia! I feel that God certainly had His hand on this! I inquired of Alicia about another dog and explained what we were looking for. She told me that that dog would not be a fit for us. But that she had a Papillon and to go on line and look at him. She had just received the info on him and just posted it on line. I saw Keiko and fell in love immediately! We feel that it was just meant to be! Again, we are thoroughly thrilled with Alicia! She has such a kind heart for animals and it certainly shows. We are just so blessed that we had the opportunity to have this experience with her. Your organization, the pets, and the adoptive parents are so fortunate to have Alicia!

Okay, now you know how happy we are! Just wanted to share with you! Thank you again Tara for "CARE"! And thank you Alicia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of love,

Clay & Tee Philemon
Charlotte NC

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